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[San Francisco] Seminar, Hacking Run, Attestation - Civil Hackers' School: blog

Aug. 10th, 2009 08:33 am [San Francisco] Seminar, Hacking Run, Attestation

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Since December 1996, Russian hacker Ilya V. Vasilyev has run a Moscow
educational center for hacker training. Inspired by East Asian martial
arts, his Civil Hackers' School has received thousands of applications,
trained hundreds of students from ages 12 to 64, and obtained world-wide
media coverage. Ilya also teaches an adapted version of this program
as an after-school course, "The Basics of Hacking Art", for teenagers
and their teachers.

For a dozen years Civil Hackers' School has consistently leveraged
free software in Russia. Operating systems, developer tools, and
everyday applications are used to inform the young hackers in the way
of freedom expressed by the Free Software Foundation.  In this way
young hackers migrate from windows, study GNU/Linux from scratch,
learn languages on free compilers and gain the ability to contribute
to the sustainment of the community.

Ilya has presented the Civil Hackers' School project at the Chaos
Communication Camp in Germany in 2007 and in Las Vegas in 2008. This
week, he will present the project here in the Bay Area at Noisebridge on
Tuesday, August 11, at 7:00 p.m.

For directions to Noisebridge go to the official wiki:

He also plans to offer an intensive Hacking Run this weekend --
August 14-16 -- to give interested Bay Area residents a taste of the
curriculum, take them through a version of the training program, and
prepare and certify them to lead similar training in the Bay Area.
Participants in the Hacking Run are expected to contribute to the
purchase and preparation of food for the event.

Ilya V. Vasilyev
+1 415 706 3594

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